The Situation

The region of Valdeorras is situated in the Province of Orense, almost in the limits to León and its the natural door to Galicia. It takes up around 3.000 ha. of the river Sil Valley. It embraces areas like: O Barco de Valdeorras, O Bolo, Carballeda de Valdeorras, Larouco, Petín, A Rúa, Rubiá y Villamartín de Valdeorras.

The region finds itself surrounded by a deep, bright and fertile Valley where the river Sil gentle goes by, owner of a magic granite and slate landscape , red and black land with chestnut trees, vines and olive trees.

Valdeorras, is crossed from east to west by the via XVIII or Via Nova that joins together Braga and Astorga, It was a free way land and destination of the Roman legions that came to exploit the gold mines and where under the protection of abenign Mediterranean-Atlantic microclimate, planted the first wine vines.


The region has a relief between flat and slightly wavy.

The vineyard is cultivated on different materials, the most widely represented are the sediments (tertiary, alluvial terraces, alluvial fans).

The soils are quite varied. Dominated slate and clay, well drained and suitable for growing grapes. They are generally strong acid reaction soils with a maximum water pH 6.1.

The weather

The climate that caresses our vineyards is drier than in the rest of Galicia, blending the Atlantic influence with hints of continentality.

Because of the orientation of the river Sil and the plantation of vines in the South face, it’s possible to have about 2700 sunlight hours during one year.

Even with all of those hours of sunlight we also have a lot of rain. The amount of rain varies between 850 and 1000 mm. per year.

The average temperature is quite high with 11ºC, oscillating between the different seasons of the year because of its altitude and the continental climate.


The Denomination of Origin Valdeorras was recognized by a Ministerial Order and the Regulating Council which was created on the 24th of February 1977, and it’s placed in the Region of Villamartín de Valdeorras.

This Denomination of Origin was born with the objective to guarantee the quality of the wine from this zone and to work in the recuperation of local varieties like the Godello and the promotion of plantations of varieties like Mencía.



The winery sells the following brands of quality wine, all of them under the Denominación de Origen Valdeorras..



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You can visit BODEGAS MAJLU, previous appointment that can be arranged with our administration department. With your visit you will be able to appreciate the winery and, of course taste our excellent wines.

The visits are guided and the visitors have the opportunity, never the obligation, of purchasing our quality products.

For an appointment, please, fill in the following form. At BODEGAS RUCHELwe will be glad to welcome you and show you the reality of our wines.



BODEGAS MAJLU has a recent and modern vinification plant to elaborate and care for our wines.

Our installations have stainless-steel tanks. 25 tanks for the wine, with a capacity between 3.000 and 30.000 litres, five tanks for the red wine.

Our grapes are picked in the vineyard and transported in aerated boxes of 20 kg. maximum and reviewed one to one before sending a destemmer to be separated grape and branch. After that, the white grapes are pressed and send to stabilizing tanks. At the right moment are send to the fermentation tanks. The red wine grape is put directly into the fermentation tanks.

The wine fermentation is temperature controlled by a double shirt

Our wine cellars also have ten Galician oak barrels, with a capacity of two hundred seventy litres, where we ferment and mature our best wines.